Advertising Campaigns

What are advertising campaigns?

Advertising campaigns are a set of coordinated messages sent to a specific target audience and designed to meet very specific goals. Different communication channels are used for advertising campaigns such as television, posters, radio and the Internet.

An advertising campaign must be planned and studied according to the target audience, available budget, time schedule and, above all, the communication channels used. Online communication channels are increasingly chosen because they are very effective in meeting the goals set and they have excellent targeting and monitoring abilities. These include: social advertising campaigns, PPC (Pay per Click), video campaigns and remarketing.

For years, MULTI has created high-performance advertising campaigns designed to meet goals and achieve conversions.

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Advertising campaigns:
MULTI’s way

MULTI’s creative team has expertise in designing and creating successful advertising campaigns for clients of any size and industry. The advertising campaigns developed by MULTI are designed for both the traditional media – i.e. paper media, such as newspapers, specialised magazines, posters – or new media – mainly digital media, which include banners and DEM, for example.

MULTI’s way of creating advertising campaigns includes:

  • Constant briefing with the client and debriefing with MULTI’s staff assigned to the project
  • Strategy planning by setting up the most effective tools, channels and actions
  • Sizing of investment according to the client’s needs and resources
  • Submission of the first creative drafts to the client
  • Correction and adjustment of the advertising campaign after meeting and exchanging ideas with the client
  • Completion and launch of the advertising campaign
  • Monitoring of results