Website design

The importance of a website

A website is a business card, a system that reflects a company, its values, its ethics, the quality of its products and services, its history and its vision. The Internet is a virtual meeting place where businesses must not only ‘be there’ but must also be immediately recognised by a target audience, be appreciated and stand out from the competitive crowd.

Today, the Internet is an imperative tool for business communication in any industry. The importance of having a website is an undeniable fact, yet the value that this tool may generate for businesses still needs to be conveyed.

Relying on web and design experts is essential for developing high added-value websites that truly communicate the talent of the company they represent. Today, not being on the web basically means pointing out that you are not there: a gap that will be quickly filled in by a competitor.

A website means absolute visibility, complete accessibility and updating in real time. MULTI’s website is a smooth and flexible tool which moves towards the future, just like the nature of its business.

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Website design: Website design

MULTI designs websites, landing pages and e-commerce sites. Every web project includes a number of important phases:

  • Analysis of contents, flows and development of navigation tree
  • Ux (user experience) analysis
  • Wireframe design
  • Creative design planning
  • Development of text content with creation of specific content and editing of already existing content provided by the company, including from direct interviews