Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a specific marketing area designed to increase the visibility of brands, products, services and events on social networks.

Today, social media and virtual communities attract an incredibly wide audience with inherent and very strong opinion-leading abilities. This is the reason why a fast growing number of companies make use of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram) and need the support and strategy of a professional with expertise in these virtual services: a Social Media Strategist/Social Media Manager.

Ranging from SMO (Social Media Optimisation) to the drafting of editorial plans, and from conversation calendars to ghost writing through to the management of critical issues and direct communication with users, Social Media Marketing focuses on increasing client companies’ Brand Reputation. It succeeds in doing so by providing unrivalled expertise that touches the principles of many disciplines: from Advertising, Communication, Psychology and Sociology through to Anthropology and Economics.

A key aspect of Social Media is the 1:1 relationship: this is why a specialist in social aggregation platforms should be involved to get the most out of these channels.

MULTI provides its client companies with a wide spectrum of highly professional Social Media Marketing services by building, implementing and maintaining their presence on the most influential and powerful channels.

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Social Media Marketing:
MULTI’s way

Social Media have undeniably entered and influence our daily lives. Tools that were once regarded as niche such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have now become an integral part of a culture that considers it essential for both private users and companies to be on social media.

This is exactly why MULTI’s creative department provides advanced Social Media Marketing services that are designed to put a brand into contact with its real and potential users.

MULTI’s key to excellent Social Media Marketing includes a number of activities that seek to meet the same goal: first-rate Brand Reputation.

  • Preliminary consulting
  • Studying the most suitable strategy and the most effective social media channels for a brand
  • Analysis and optimisation of any existing social profiles
  • Competitor analysis on social media channels
  • Identifying and profiling the relevant audience
  • Identifying tone of voice, suitable editorial plan and posting frequency, and determining user management procedures
  • Writing and publication of editorial plans on a selection of channels
  • Implementation of Brand Reputation on channels through ad-hoc visual communication
  • Conversion tracking and channel trend monitoring