Press Office and PR

What is a press office?

The Press Office of a company is responsible for disseminating information both internally and externally to a group of people. News from corporate bodies, called press releases, is conveyed through the mass media to a very specific audience and may concern upcoming public events, interviews and the launch of new products.

Press offices may be an integral part of the company’s organisational chart, but more often than not they are run by agencies or teams of professionals with expertise in this communication area, such as MULTI.
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Press Office and PR: MULTI’s way

MULTI’s team provides specialised Press Office and PR activities to associations, institutions and companies of any size.

Highly skilled personnel deal with disseminating information about a brand, product or service both within the company environment and externally. MULTI’s aim is to reach a specific target of consumers or listeners by focusing on an effective and seamless approach and to increase brand awareness.

Standard Press Office and PR activities include: drafting and disseminating corporate and product press releases; organising and managing press conferences; updating the house organ, the corporate blog, corporate magazines and internal communication channels; managing press releases; and, especially, maintaining working relationships and contacts with the media and their contact persons.

MULTI’s approach to Press Release and PR services combines communication theories and practices with a view to developing positive relationships between companies, institutions, entities and persons.