Paper communication tools

What is paper communication?

Paper communication is a part of traditional communication and includes flyers, brochures, logos, coordinated image and catalogues. Despite the widespread use of the Internet, a communication strategy should also include paper tools that are graphically appealing, practical and in keeping with the company’s image.

Well-thought out communication will strengthen corporate brand awareness.

Companies attending trade fairs and industry events are especially in need of a traditional communication channel when first approaching potential clients to better present their business.

MULTI offers effective paper communication tools for any kind of business.

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Paper communication tools: MULTI’s way

For over twenty years, MULTI has provided paper communication tools that generate interest and attract curiosity and attention. It does this by studying and creating:

  • Company Profiles
  • Books
  • Service/product catalogues
  • Price lists
  • Flyers, Brochures and postcards
  • Cards for showcases / display cases / display stands
  • House Organs

A colour per day…

Colours have a strong impact on people: they catch the attention, the communicate information, they have an emotional weight. Theories say that they really influence the consumer psychology. Colours are so important that they are subject to specific and very serious studies, they get analysed, and they become a fundamental part of the “trend book”,…