Paper communication tools

What is paper communication?

Paper communication is a part of traditional communication and includes flyers, brochures, logos, coordinated image and catalogues. Despite the widespread use of the Internet, a communication strategy should also include paper tools that are graphically appealing, practical and in keeping with the company’s image.

Well-thought out communication will strengthen corporate brand awareness.

Companies attending trade fairs and industry events are especially in need of a traditional communication channel when first approaching potential clients to better present their business.

MULTI offers effective paper communication tools for any kind of business.

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Paper communication tools: MULTI’s way

For over twenty years, MULTI has provided paper communication tools that generate interest and attract curiosity and attention. It does this by studying and creating:

  • Company Profiles
  • Books
  • Service/product catalogues
  • Price lists
  • Flyers, Brochures and postcards
  • Cards for showcases / display cases / display stands
  • House Organs