Design and customisation of Trade Fair Stands

The importance in customising trade fair stands

Trade fairs are ideal venues for meeting, exchanging information and finding new prospects and clients, especially for B2B companies. This is why they are still among the top promotion and self-promotion tools used today by companies.

Taking part in a trade fair with a stand means “conveying” a company’s identity and values through an external platform but also being provided with a space where showcasing the company’s high-performance skills is of key importance.

For this reason, the design and customisation of fair stands is a highly important aspect for any company, regardless of the industry or segment it operates in.

It is essential for a company to liaison with an all-round expert who can help it convey its corporate identity through this specific medium: this means customising the company’s stand and making it appeal to users.

A correctly custom-made trade fair stand must not only be pleasing to the visitor’s eye but also seductive and interesting. It must encourage visitors to stop by and take a closer look and must deliver information of key interest for the promotion of a brand, product or service.

For over twenty years, MULTI has shared its deep knowledge of this marketing tool with its clients. It has developed highly customised stands combining practical functionality and high-quality aesthetics. It has increased clients’ brand reputation and brand awareness and, consequently, their business potential.

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Design and customisation of trade fair stands: MULTI’s way

MULTI develops key activities to enhance corporate visibility during trade fairs and industry events:

  • It designs the stand starting from its layout and outlines its main interior features (walls, display cases, furniture…)
  • At the same time, MULTI deals with the stand’s graphical and creative design (colours, texts, images, photos, etc.)

Multi also provides pre- and post-event business activities.