Coordinated image

What is a coordinated image?

In a market with fast growing competition, the first aim of a company is to stand out from its competitors and make sure it is noticed by clients, whether potential or existing. The best strategy for achieving this result is to create an effective and suitable coordinated image that etches itself in the memory of its viewers.

The coordinated image of a company, which includes its logo, colours and font, appears on company flyers, business cards, website, newsletters and advertising campaigns that MULTI creates for its clients.
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Brand Identity and coordinated image:
MULTI’s way

MULTI’s creative department develops brand identity and coordinated image activities. MULTI studies brand identity by:

  • Creating the name (of a business, product or product line)
  • Creating the logo and all distinctive elements of a brand

After a new Brand has been developed, the entire corporate image is implemented, i.e. the corporate communication tools that convey the brand (business cards, headed paper, delivery notes / invoices, commercial envelopes, CDs / DVDs / USB sticks, etc.).

These activities go hand in hand with the development of a Brand Manual. It is both an internal communication tool – designed to inform employees and the public of the change in progress – and an operational tool – designed to explain how to use the brand and implement the corporate image tools. A Brand Manual usually includes key content such as: brand use, different versions, association with brands of other companies, position, incorrect use, colours, typographic choices, tone of voice and use of photography.