Communication Plans

What is a communication plan?

A communication plan is the translation of a communication strategy in operational terms. It includes a goal to be achieved, a selection of communication channels, a budget, a message to be conveyed, a target audience and a time schedule.

A well-built communication plan conveys an effective message about a brand, service or product. To meet the goals set, every small, medium or large enterprise should develop yearly or periodic plans, outline their own communication strategy and set the budget they wish to spend.

The development of communication plans is an essential part of MULTI’s services.

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Communication plans: MULTI’s way

Developing a communication plan means identifying the most appropriate communication and visibility tools and actions for meeting specific goals. The activities that MULTI focuses on when developing a communication plan are: analysing the marketing and business goals, setting out the communication goals and analysing the target audience.

MULTI then determines the communication areas that are most relevant for the company by analysing several communication channels:

  • Online communication
  • Web marketing
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Events
  • Social media marketing
  • Contests

Once MULTI has outlined the activities that need to be performed, it proposes a communication plan – which includes planning phases and a timeline – and It chooses the work team (consultants and creative experts) that will be in charge of the project from start to finish.