Books are the most authoritative and long-lasting form of communication. Regardless of their content, books are “objects” that communicate values worthy of being preserved and passed on. Great social phenomena, changes, fashions and revolutions are often the result of a small but widespread book. The so-called Bible of the Poor, with alternating tests and pictures was the first best seller in history and continues to be a model for informative books. Writing a book is an excellent way of drawing attention to the company’s most important events and celebrations: generational changes and changes in the company name, shareholding structure and technological equipment, not to mention company anniversaries, whether celebrating 10 or 100 years of business.

MULTI Books – MULTI Writing


  • BuB, Business Booklet: a small paperback booklet, size 10×15, text and images, 48/64/80 pages, a lasting object, rigid spine allowing the booklet to stand upright, where the entrepreneur becomes an author himself and narrates the idea, the story and the people behind him: a small book for a big message to use as a business card that will surely be read and kept.
  • CoB, Company Bible: a keystone, square-shaped, size 22×22, text and images, 96/124/156 pages, hardback, it puts the company on display, showcases it and spreads its gospel, with powerful pictures and “sacred” texts: the old testament, the company’s commandments, the new testament. A “picture” that describes and conveys a thorough and appealing image of the company, while expressing an idea of stability.
  • PaF, Publications in any Format: from paperbacks to illustrated books and for all lasting communication needs: pamphlets, notebooks, conference or meeting proceedings, history books and autobiographies. MULTI is experienced in all phases of book production, from the creation of content (texts, documents, images, pictures) through to publishing (layout, digital printing and offset printing).


  • CpW, copy-writing: the creative writing of names, titles, texts, slogans, press releases for communication events, advertising campaigns and corporate identity tools.
  • GhW, ghost-writing: the writing of customized short texts, speeches, articles and books for someone else on the basis of previously established communication goals, provided during direct meetings, telephone conversations or via email.
  • BiW, bio-writing: an autobiographical writing service, the translation of a verbal story into written word following 1-2 hour meetings with the writer.
  • TeW, team-writing: shared and plural writing by a working team or group that becomes the collective author.