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Communication according to MULTI

MULTI’s Communication Business Unit makes a company and its products stand out on the market by replying to the question: who are you and who should you tell your story? In other words: saying the right thing to the right people.  

MULTI’s Communication Team includes creative professionals, planners and account managers who work together to support our clients during all business communication phases: analysing the efficiency of the communication tools in place; defining the most effective communication strategy and plan; conceiving and developing new communication tools and identifying promotion and visibility activities to promote the company’s brand.

MULTI’s communication department works in close contact with companies. By developing a deep knowledge of the reference market and the company’s products and services, it identifies the company’s needs and turns them into attainable communication goals. Drawing on its consultants’ expertise in business and market logics, MULTI offers wide-ranging services in the field of business and product communication both externally and internally.

The services offered span from brand identity (creation of name, logo and all distinctive elements of a brand), advertising campaigns (for the press, TV, radio, billboards) and communication tools – both corporate (company profile, Book, Storytelling) and business (catalogues, price lists, folders) –, through to online communication.

Today, the Internet is a key channel used by companies to communicate. It is an opportunity that must be seized because it gives companies the chance to intensify their message, to strengthen their reputation and to get contacts and turn them into potential clients. MULTI’s whole communication strategy revolves around the Internet. MULTI designs and develops responsive websites, e-commerce sites and APPs, in addition to developing web marketing plans: the online marketing activities promoted and implemented by MULTI include social media marketing, Email marketing, SEO and SEA.

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