Temporary Marketing Manager

What does a Temporary Marketing Manager do?

A Temporary Marketing Manager identifies and seizes new business opportunities, defines how to enter the market or reinforce the company’s presence on both existing and new markets, draws up the marketing plan and checks that the actions established in the plan have actually been implemented.

A Temporary Marketing Manager is a marketing expert who works exclusively for the client company, just like a company staff member: this position requires not only experience and competence, but also the added value skill of observing the company’s internal dynamics from the outside and to pinpoint its strengths, weaknesses, untapped potential and assets, as well as any opportunities and critical issues.

For over twenty years, MULTI has provided the best Temporary Marketing Managers to enterprises, ensuring outstanding support for the promotion of products, services and brands. MULTI’s Temporary Marketing Managers offer their professional skills and industry knowledge to client companies, supporting them during market downturns, increased competitiveness or business expansion.

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Temporary Marketing Management:
MULTI’s way

MULTI caters to this service by placing consultants with proven marketing experience in the company as outsourced marketing managers.

A Temporary Marketing Manager knows how to monitor the market and its changes, measure it, and study its needs and expectations with a view to seizing new business opportunities: on the one hand, analysis, interpretation of information, market tests, customer satisfaction appraisals and forecasting; on the other, market strategy and business model planning with related operational management.