Web Marketing

What is web marketing?

Web marketing is a collection of tools that work together to promote the online visibility of a company, institution or association.

Today, web marketing is essential to communicate a company’s presence on the web. While having a website is crucial for the online presence of a company, the implementation of effective strategies is important to identify the company on the web.

The abstract notion of Web Marketing includes many complex and shared tools, some of which are now part of the vocabulary of communication experts: search engines positioning, pay per click advertising campaigns, advertising campaigns using banners or text advertisements, and direct email marketing.

MULTI – a Bergamo-based communication agency with over twenty years’ experience – was built in the age of digitalisation and has developed its own web channel skills. Today, its experts focus on studying and implementing highly advanced web marketing strategies to help boost the business of its client companies, on the web too.

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Web Marketing: MULTI’s way

MULTI’s creative staff is specialised in digital marketing and its wide variety of tools. It helps clients promote their services and products on the Internet – the virtual meeting place and global market that is now a part of everyday life.

MULTI’s Web Marketing activities start with an in-depth and thorough analysis of the brand’s state-of-the-art in order to understand its online presence and potential on the new media. Through this preliminary study our experts gain full knowledge of the product or service that needs to be promoted in order to identify the most appropriate tools and methods for on-line communication.

MULTI’s Web Marketing provides a spectrum of solutions specifically designed for each client because no project, product or brand is ever the same as another. It includes defining the tone of voice and conversation calendars, handling critical issues on the new media, drawing up content in ghost writing and implementing actions such as SEO, SEM and pay-per-click advertising campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords), as well as creating multimedia products (videos, infographics, animations) and highly strategic tools such as email marketing.