Event Management

What is event management?

Event Management – also known as Cultural Management – is a specific micro-area of Communication. It is about analysing and anticipating targets’ needs, creating the concept which will be the focus of the event, conducting feasibility analyses and setting the goals to be met.

Events are a key tool chosen by many companies to convey their products and services. The service also includes setting up and managing the actual event and dealing with the marketing and communication activities that can best support and promote it.

Lastly, a further aim of event management is to measure, monitor and assess the trend and the outcome of the event at its conclusion.

Experts in event management cater to a number of key activities. They meet the client and outline, build and develop the concept. They set up the spaces where the event will take place, determine the project development phases and assess economic viability and corporate benefits.

For over twenty years, MULTI has tailored its professional experience and expertise to assist clients in organising any type of event, ensuring highest quality and fully meeting its clients’ needs. Its widespread knowledge of the local area ranks it among the best partners for this type of promotional service.

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Event organisation: MULTI’s way

MULTI provides turn-key services covering the design and organisation of the entire event and which include:

  • Detailed programme of the entire event
  • Design of the creative concept and development of the communication tools and fittings
  • Identification of the external location and the structures to be set up inside the company
  • Secretarial services (including invitations, attendance, transfer and travelling)
  • Selection and coordination of suppliers
  • Selection and coordination of staff and hostesses
  • Teamwork with company representatives assigned to the project
  • Coordination during the event
  • Budget management