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Federica Riganti

Federica Riganti

I graduated in geology, with a thesis on emeralds. I knew nothing about advertising and communication. After my degree, I was part of an expedition in the mountains. We needed to check on the possibility of emeralds being found in the Val d’Ossola: nights spent in Alpine huts and the descent using double cables, but in the end we found nothing of these small green beryls. Back in civilisation, I thought I might become a gemmologist, but then decided to do my Masters in landscape architecture at the Milan Polytechnic University. I studied the legal, town-planning, environmental and landscape aspects, then did an internship in the mountain community of Sestriere, then I found work with a geologist, and I discovered that I was bored with regulatory plans, testing water,stratigraphic studies for construction; I really did not like it. I replied to an ad “looking for a science graduate with reference to the environment”, and found myself appointed by Confindustria as an environmental consultant to support the research office. I was involved with the marble and cement quarries in their applications to the Province regarding regulatory plans. After my marriage and the arrival of my children, I asked to work part-time, and I was transferred to the associations marketing department, where I met Giovanna. I currently work at Multiconsult as an account manager, in sales for the communication department: this work fits me perfectly. I knew nothing about communication: a challenge and the luck of finding people around me from whom I learnt a lot. I wasn’t used to working as a group, in an open space with six other people, in a role that needed you to double up: you need to be a creative designer and an advertiser for the client; and on the other hand, you are the client for the creative designer, the graphic designer or copywriter you work with. Only if you gain the client’s trust, can you give your best, and get the best out of the entire team. Sometimes a lost client can help you grow, you understand that the real plus is discussion. Good communication is not about appearances, but having the courage to show your true face, being sincere with the market. The most frequent problems are related to family dynamics, the generation changeover, which entails a change in communication. Then there are companies that are going so well that they believe they don’t need to get involved in communication: but communication is a duty to stakeholders, and a form of … preventing corporate cholesterol, keeping energy, the magma and corporate flame fluid. Even a rock is a living thing that changes. Finally there are those that want to do their own communication: but creativity is like soil that needs to be properly cultivated with quality seeds, and it only bears excellent fruit if you know the ground well.

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