You can get to where you want

Angela Pezzoli

Angela Pezzoli

like. After university, I completed my Masters in marketing and communication, and then discovered how much I liked communication and events. Events, communication in the world of sport, a perfect combination: that’s my job! The turning point came in 2012: I sent my CV to Multiconsult and they hired me the next day to manage events at Kilometro Rosso. This is the meaning of the last words said to me by my grandfather, and that I have tattooed on my arm today: “you can get to where you want”. I organise events, and manage and plan conferences. Staging events is the material and operational translation of marketing and communication ideas. Events are associated with a company wanting to celebrate its achievements or provide information about its initiatives, organising conferences, forums, presentations … and Kilometro Rosso provides the ideal place to foster relations. Before I was involved with operational marketing, now I also deal with the strategic side. When a company contacts me for an event, not only do I support them as best I can, but I also try to assess all the details and make the event as special as the client expects. And when a client thanks me and I see the satisfaction in their eyes, I understand that with skill and determination, we can really get to where we want.

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