Ants are the real social network

Francesca Pezzoli

Francesca Pezzoli

Francesca Pezzoli

I studied Communication Sciences, I specialised in trade marketing and discovered a coherent universe with a set of rules: a scientific war with mathematical formulas is fought in the aisles and on the shelves of a supermarket…

I started to work for an advertising agency as account manager almost by chance. A dream job for a large international agency in a big city. A truly powerful experience. Today, I’m back in my city where I’m in charge of Multiconsult’s communication area.

From outside, you tend to believe that the world of creativity is a wonderland: it’s true, but the best creative work, as every work done to perfection, is the result of commitment, professional expertise, research and empathy for both colleagues and clients.

My job consists in planning, checking and managing the entire production process – from the marketing phase through to the design, execution and delivery of a product or a service.

We cater to all corporate and advertising communication needs, providing specific expertise for medium-sized companies located in traditional and new industrial areas in our region.

We deal with the creation and restyling of logos, corporate identity, advertising campaigns, packaging, exhibit solutions for trade fairs, store layout, brochures, flyers, websites and social networks, but also “business booklets” such as this one, interview-books, corporate histories and photography books.

Whatever we do, we do it well. There are no secrets, just unique traits of our company that keep us ahead of our competitors.

First: contact with the real world which stems from the broader approach taken by Multi. Multi means marketing and communication consultancy. We work in close connection with the strategic, operating and local marketing departments. In addition to achieving synergy across shared projects, the close cooperation with the marketing department provides us with a market-oriented approach that focuses on results, business environments and sales issues.

Second: we offer complete and integrated products and services drawing on the flexibility of our in-house, highly operational and well-integrated team, which expands and embraces leading professionals from the photography, art, culture, computer and video technology industries. This leads to production efficiency and effective results.

Third: innovation, i.e. always keeping up-to-date with new trends, styles, languages and images. What I’m speaking about is the professionalism and quality of individuals as an ever-evolving resource. We invest greatly in training and at the same time we search for the most promising young talents and for great teachers from whom we can learn not only the tricks, but also the meaning of our profession.

We work very hard. The core of our business is a large room, with big tables, sliding stools and ten or fifteen connected minds looking at screens that display words or pictures. We work on our own, in pairs or in a team, all moving around a project. We work like ants and at the end of the day we’ve moved a tree, and built a bridge.

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