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MULTI results in a nutshell

MULTI is Multi-Consult, a company created and developed by Giovanna Ricuperati and built on the idea of sharing with its clients an entrepreneurial spirit and the love for competitive work that paves the way to results.

MULTI means many things, many individuals and many opportunities. Literally speaking, MULTI is a Latin word, an adjective that means numerous, active, diligent, diffused: it sums up the personality of MULTI’s over 30 consultants and experts dealing with marketing, sales and communication. Their broad and intertwining skills shape heterogeneous teams suited to understand and interpret clients’ trends and needs.


For over 20 years, MULTI has been a sales-making machine and a point of reference not only for companies, but also for agencies, associations, lobbies and institutions wishing to set up shared actions, events, trade fairs, production or sales chains, and projects focusing on open-strategy technological innovation, digitisation and local marketing, drawing on active cooperation by all players involved.

MULTI’s strength has always been its ability to project companies towards foreign markets and to achieve positive synergies through its three business units (marketing, export, communication).

This ability has allowed it to bring coordinated structure to its marketing strategy, corporate image and sale actions.

MULTI offers a wide array of consulting services that do not simply analyse, but translate what is being analysed into action. It does this together with its companies by involving highly appropriate resources and paying meticulous attention to results.

MULTI has developed the unique ability to link and bridge the gap between worlds that speak different languages, turning this exceptional feature into a competitive advantage that is hard to find elsewhere.

Its ability to bring together and understand local and global forces with a highly cost-effective approach and with the use of heterogeneous indicators is at the basis for discovering the crucial links between individuals, events, collective states of mind, public decisions and business expectations. Today, this is known as Economic Intelligence, from Intel-ligere (to link) and Eco-nomy, the science aimed at maximising resources.

MULTI has shortened its name in order to open its doors to new outlooks, new directions and new key players: companies, agencies, institutions, think-tanks, start-uppers.

For all stakeholders, today we are MULTI.

It is no longer sufficient to know how to produce, or how to sell: we need to know how to produce knowledge, to convey identity and value to what we do, and to address the public by expressing the authenticity and inspiration of our business, whether handcrafted works or new technologies” 

Giovanna Ricuperati


An office in Munich, Germany, located in the central Ludwigstrasse, with the purpose of offering a base of operations for Italian companies wishing to operate in Germany and for German companies interested in the Italian market.

MULTI has always been Deutsch-oriented: the capacity and the technical quality of our production base is complementary to the German industrial system, which requires technology, punctuality and above all the capacity for innovation in which the Italian artisans-entrepreneurs are masters.

The MULTI office is located inside the law firm CBA, a company specializing in International Trade Law, with offices in Milan, Rome, Padua, Venice and Munich.

The efficiency and internationalization opportunities provided by MULTI, supported by the legal services of CBA, are the best guarantee of security and success for our clients.

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