There and back

Federica Perico

Federica Perico

After years spent in promoting the internationalisation of companies, without ever leaving my city and roots, I found myself at the crossroads (a child on the way, and a husband that could not turn down an important work opportunity in Germany). I understood that life was offering me a new adventure, and an opportunity to grow.

We would build our nest in a new, larger city: Munich.

Day by day, in discovering a new country, new friendships, a new language and new surroundings.

Talking about my feelings is complicated, so many new things, it felt like being in a high-speed blender, with times filled with positive energy and excitement, alternating with home sickness and missing my family, sisters and nephews, and even the tribe at Multiconsult.

The excitement and strength coming from being a new family unit with a new life. The rewards and the challenges resulting from working from a Multi office in Bavaria. A year of small and greater achievements, so much experience gained “in the field”, which I would never have had if I had remained in Italy.

The adventure is just beginning: there are major challenges ahead, and I am more than ready to get involved. The objective is increasingly clear: make the most of this experience of change and growth, developing and consolidating relations with Multiconsult.

I am certain that one day, when it is time to come back home, the efforts and the achievements of this “internationalisation” period in the field, will prove to be worthwhile and long-lasting.

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