The orderly creative

Maurizio Piccinelli

Maurizio Piccinelli

When I was a kid, I used to help out in the studio of my uncle, who was a fine art restorer. There, among the paintings, paints, palette knives and brushes, began my initiation into a world of art, of concentration, calm, and attention to detail. At liceo artistico (an arts-focused secondary school), my favourite subjects were figure drawing, sculpture and architecture: so on the one hand, there was the pure, unbridled creativity of drawing and, on the other, geometric precision and the harmony of forms. This need for order and discipline is part of me and has always made me an unconventional kind of creative.

At the Milan Polytechnic, I studied industrial drawing, specializing in communication. While I was there, the place underwent a technological revolution: in a year we went from doing everything manually (e.g. paper, charcoal, hand drawing, craft knives) to using computers, software and 3D graphics.

My professors included Antonino Benincasa (I recall in particular work we did on the logo and visual identity for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin) and Guido Bagatti, the then art director of MTV Italia (later at SKY, now RAI) who was the supervisor of my degree dissertation (which was a motion graphics project – for a TV ident).

After working for a series of agencies specializing in digital graphics, I spent ten years at a communications agency, where I learned everything: corporate communication, product catalogues, graphics for motorcycle helmets, packaging, designing user interfaces, website layouts, you name it. My passion is creative illustration, which I’ve done for advertising campaigns, but also for record covers (I started doing this for fun and for my friends, as I’ve played for years in a heavy metal band). Nowadays, it’s perhaps the strongest area of my portfolio.

MULTI is the start of a brand new adventure for me – a multicultural environment in which I hope to be able to embrace the ‘scandalous’ identity of “orderly creative” I’ve always dreamt of putting on my business card.

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