The Multi-national

Valentina Bucca

Valentina Bucca

The University of Bergamo, a summer afternoon, struck by a Masters lecture given by a woman that bowled me over with her passion, pragmatism and expertise. The topic was the internationalisation of businesses, she was Giovanna Ricuperati from Multiconsult. From then I started following their work, initiatives and communication projects from a distance. And while my university peers were looking at multinationals, I was dreaming about Multi.

After graduating in foreign trade, I began working in various areas of internationalisation, finally appointed as a business developer with a consulting firm. Work that by its nature pushes you towards new things, to know and understand, and then to design and propose. I travelled to India, Israel, the United States with the task of identifying players that we could develop synergies with in Life Sciences.

I have always felt the pressure to move forward, towards new logical routes, but my ethical imprinting comes from my roots. From a young age, I helped my parents at our fruit and vegetable stall at the market. My father taught me the value of work, consistency and honesty. And the pride and self-respect for the work you do, regardless of the social status. The importance of earning things, and the central role of people in relation to schemes and procedures.

And one fine day I was hired at Multi, doing pure marketing, driven by a kind of sacred flame. It’s easy doing marketing in Milan or New York, following rules and trends. The challenge with Multi is dealing with small high quality businesses, a workshop-laboratory, two computers and contacts throughout the world. And finding synchronicity in ambitions. If you are aware of what you want, and you pursue it with determination, things can happen for real.

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