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Silvia Bonzi

Silvia Bonzi

As a child I wanted to be a vet. After my dog went through surgery, I realised that I wasn’t … insensitive enough. So I followed my other great passion, mathematics and physics. I graduated in management engineering, with my thesis on “The photovoltaic sector: descriptive properties and production chain analysis”. After receiving my degree, I began working with Universoft (a university Spinoff) on a research project relating to the promotion of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. I was part of research projects analysing air transport, listed companies and the remuneration received by the Board of Directors of companies on the main European financial markets. I worked in conjunction with the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer (GITT), which was created to provide a reference point for companies in the region that are interested in tapping into academic expertise to carry out innovative research projects. At the same time, I was selected for the “Applied Research Skills” project funded by the Lombardy Region and the University of Bergamo, aimed at promoting integration between universities and the production system in Lombardy. I am currently with Multiconsult, where I am involved in providing support to projects in marketing and communication. I really enjoy intense, full immersion projects, that offer a learning curve. And I also like looking after the numbers in the company, which I have become responsible for, with the same dedication as I did as a child when I wanted to become a vet.

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