Organisational Marketing / Sales Check-Up

What is an organisational check-up?

An organisational check-up is a system used for analysing a company’s marketing and sales organisation, designed to identify its critical issues and strengths.

An organisational check-up examines the professional roles that form the company staff. Interviews and questionnaires are used to test the vision of each staff member, cooperation between company departments and the suitability of the human resources available on the basis of the role they cover.

A report is drawn up at the end of the project including the outcome of the analysis, a proposal for an ideal organisational strategy and organisation chart, and the process for implementing the new organisation chart.

MULTI is specialised in performing organisational check-ups for small, medium and large enterprises.

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Organisational marketing/sales check-up: MULTI’s way

The organisational check-up of marketing and sales areas seeks to analyse a company’s current structure and identify improvement and optimisation areas.

The check-up includes an analysis of internal roles, drafting of a report and new function chart for the areas involved. Mentoring is provided during the implementation of the new corporate organisation chart in the areas that have been examined.