Market Test

What is a market test?

A market test is a test designed to check if a product or service will sell in a specific geographical area. The new product/service is tested in the market by defining a preliminary proposal; if successful, it is then used and adopted definitively in a more extensive area.

The aim of a market test is to avoid the unsuccessful launch of a product: targeted research and questionnaires are sent to clients, agents and distributors to specifically study the market sector.

For over twenty years, MULTI has performed market research and market tests with professional expertise and experience for companies that wish to analyse their market before launching a product or service.

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Market Test: MULTI’s way

MULTI’s market test explores potential customers’ appreciation for a product or service on a given market. The test is submitted to a panel of potential clients (final customers, distributors, agents, importers, other) to gain information about their satisfaction or the effectiveness of the proposed solution and so optimise the product/service in view of its actual launch.