Market Research

What is market research?

Market research gathers and analyses information and data regarding the marketing of goods and services, or markets. It provides accurate studies of consumers’ behaviour, strategies and decision-making processes within the market.

Market research is an exceptionally important tool for selecting information that is necessary for studying the company’s launch strategies and the distribution and promotion of brands, products or services. Effective market research has the ability to accurately fine-tune the efficacy of an advertising strategy or promotional technique.

This activity is called exploratory research because its main purpose it to understand, check and classify specific market aspects, such as targets and purchase behaviour.

In brief, market research is a key tool for a company in its decision-making marketing activities.

Market research is divided into:

Quantitative market analysis: statistical and numerical representation of an entire market segment or sample.

– Qualitative market analysis: the result of open-ended questions and designed to acquire specific information about the customer’s behaviour or purchase styles.

For over twenty years, Multi’s specialists have delivered accurate market research and contributed to the success of their client companies, with focus on supporting management’s decision-making process and developing business.

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Market research: MULTI’s way

At Multi, we are specialised in market research aimed at studying the trends of an industry or specific market and at identifying the leading players, market shares and general figures of an industry.

More specifically, we identify the volumes or figures of specific sectors also by conducting surveys on the reference markets.