Design Management

What is Design Management?

Design management provides support, along the whole production and sales lines, to companies or designers that wish to launch new products/services or simply strengthen their position on the market.

From design and engineering coordination to the planning of proper marketing actions and from distribution and positioning choices to negotiation and post-sales management, MULTI’s design management activities draw designers, companies and markets into connection with each other, by accomplishing creative and commercial processes and disseminating Made in Italy quality throughout the world.
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Design Management: MULTI’s way

MULTI’s Design Management is the result of a strong passion and has reached high levels of expertise through the experience gained over the years in international projects.

The service provided by MULTI stems from the desire of a company or designer to launch a new product or new line or to expand the market of an existing product. MULTI works alongside the client throughout the launch and business development process, catering to the specific needs of every single project. Its activities range from selecting designers, searching for companies for the prototyping and mass production of the new products, and identifying investors  or investment funds, to defining the marketing plan, business development plan and communication plan.

MULTI promotes design objects, projects and brands in trade fairs and events on a local and international scale and creates communication tools in line with the company’s target and corporate philosophy. It encourages co-marketing actions and handles press office and public relations activities with the aim to build a solid brand identity in the design industry.

MULTI’s Design Management in the industrial design sector is provided with the professional expertise, experience and competence needed to fully achieve its preset business goals.