Temporary Export Manager

What is a Temporary Export Manager?

A Temporary Export Manager (TEM) is a key figure for companies seeking to open up to new foreign markets. A Temporary Export Manager explores the overseas market and provides the client company with the language, technical and business skills needed to support it during the international development process.

Drawing on its long-lasting experience and know how, MULTI was the first company in Italy to provide outsourced export management services, offering first-rate Temporary Export Managers.

The key traits shared by MULTI’s Temporary Export Managers are:

  • Being practical. Businessmen expect to receive a quick feedback on whether their product will be successful overseas.
  • Being professional. Sales management skills, language skills and experience in export issues.
  • Being transparent. A Temporary Export Manager must ensure that the goals, strategies and progress of the actions are fully shared.

MULTI is the ideal choice for companies seeking a highly professional Temporary Export Manager.

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Temporary Export Manager:
MULTI’s way

MULTI provides in-house consultants with significant experience in international marketing and sales who cover the position of outsourced export managers. Their work focuses on helping a company develop and improve its overseas sales by seeking new clients.

MULTI’s Temporary Export Manager identifies and acquires new clients, handles sales negotiations and monitors the clients that have been acquired.

The Temporary Export Manager may also coach and train company staff while on duty.