Pre- and Post-Trade Fair Support

What is pre- and post-trade fair business promotion?

Trade fairs are very important showcases for the business promotion of a product or service. They are also an essential tool for creating brand reputation and brand awareness. This is why the company’s export & sales area must play an active part not only during the event but also before and after it.

  • The purpose of pre-trade fair business promotion is to inform existing and potential clients on the reference market that the company will attend the fair and where it will be located. A specific message is created and an invitation is submitted to the entire database with the aim of increasing the number of visits and meetings at the stand.
  • Post-trade fair communication handles the contacts collected during the event. Effective post-trade fair business promotion is crucial for following up the contacts made at the trade fair, closing deals after a negotiation and acquiring new clients.

Over the years, MULTI has gained the skills required to help companies manage pre- and post-trade fair activities and to support them during the event. MULTI’s consultants may also take care of online and offline communication and promotion activities in order to improve the return of the trade fair investment in terms of sales.

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Pre- and post-trade fair support:
MULTI’s way

Companies request this service to maximise the opportunities of a trade fair. The service includes intensive business promotion to potential foreign clients before the trade fair for the purpose of scheduling meetings and increasing the number of current or prospective clients visiting the stand.

After the event is over, business promotion focuses on maximising any business results that may be developed from the contacts made at the trade fair and on handling feedback with prospective clients in order to generate new business.