Lead Generation

How to find clients in Italy and abroad

Seeking clients is one of the most challenging tasks for a company: the sales department must capture the attention and especially the trust of potential clients and needs to convince them of the quality of the product or services offered.

In order to increase a company’s business, it is essential to seek the highest number of leads in Italy and abroad. The first step of the process is identifying potential clients that may be truly interested in the services and products offered. Profiling the leads by identifying the right contact person within a company will increase the chances of success of the sale, reduce costs and optimise the time available to the company.

Drawing on its long-lasting experience and on its proven and widely recognised professional skills, MULTI is the best partner for seeking clients in Italy and abroad.

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Lead Generation: MULTI’s way

MULTI’s service focuses on seeking, identifying and mapping new clients both on Italian and foreign markets. It uses the selection parameters provided by the company and checks the level of interest shown by leads. MULTI works in close contact with the company’s sales manager who will then complete the final stages of the business negotiation.

MULTI submits a shortlist of targeted prospects that have shown potential interest in the company’s product or service at first contact.