Foreign Trade Missions in Italy

What are foreign trade missions in Italy?

This is a service that brings Italian companies into contact with potential foreign clients by organising B2B meetings at the company’s premises in Italy and a visit to the local area where the company conducts its business.

MULTI’s extensive experience in developing and organising B2B meetings between Italian companies and foreign buyers in Italy allows companies to widen their customer base. The first step of the process is the widespread search for prospective clients and ends with the organisation of meetings which are geared towards new business negotiations.

Foreign trade missions in Italy are handled exclusively by MULTI’s experts with long-lasting experience in export management and internationalisation: professionals with extensive experience who build the right relationships and have well-established business, language and project management skills.

For over 20 years, MULTI has provided companies, institutions and associations with a first-rate, all-round services for foreign trade missions in Italy.

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Foreign trade missions in Italy:
MULTI’s way

MULTI has created and tailored its services for foreign trade missions in Italy to bring potential clients and foreign business partners into contact with a group of companies belonging to a specific industry or area and coordinated by an institution, association or network of enterprises.

MULTI’s targeted search for potential business partners includes analysing the company profiles of the Italian companies involved and organising a programme of one-to-one meetings in Italy, specifically in the areas where the companies operate. A calendar of scheduled meetings followed by company visits is prepared.

The advantage of this kind of promotional activity is that foreign operators are given an accurate picture of the production sites of potential suppliers. This motivates them further to enter into business relations with the companies they meet in Italy.