What is multimedia communication?

Multimedia is a type of communication that uses a combination of different channels to convey a shared message to a specific audience.

Companies feel the increasing need to deliver their message across a wide range of communication channels and to reach their clients through promotional videos, industrial photography and photoshoots.

Companies wishing to reach a large customer base must gain widespread attention in all communication channels and convey an ongoing and goal-targeted message to their clients.

Videos and photographs best promote a product and strengthen a company’s image.

MULTI is specialised in creating photoshoots and producing videos.

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Multimedia: MULTI’s way

MULTI creates and produces photoshoots and videos. Its creative team works alongside photographers and videomakers to specifically produce:

  • Photoshoots in studio or in natural or staged environments (industrial photography services, portraits, still life in studio, food shooting, etc.)
  • Videos (corporate videos, promotional videos, TV commercials, videos for trade fairs and events, event photography services, motion graphics videos, etc.)