Saying unfortunately is banned

Edlina Domni

Edlina Domni

Learning is my motto. I adored reading as a child, and seeing libraries destroyed and burnt down is one of the ugliest memories from my childhood in Albania. I was amazed when I arrived in Italy that teachers did not speak English. To fit in, I made my English worse. I was afraid to make mistakes in the beginning, and then I got into things. My job of finding clients and opening new markets is about bringing a breath of fresh air to companies. Each company is different, and after some discussion with a client, my task is to highlight their strengths and weaknesses, drivers, aspirations and growth objectives so as to set up an effective internationalisation project. Sometimes this also means playing the “corporate psychologist”, because only by working in close contact with a client, is it possible to identify the most feasible objectives that can be pursued, in terms of their markets and structure. When a client recognises the merit of a project and embraces it, this exceeds any kind of reward. I am highly satisfied by outputs, because achievements  come from improving the system over time. And I see a very positive future. My preferred cartoon character is Alice in Wonderland, because she has a simple approach to a very complicated world, and puts me in a good mood. Quite often a company is not a Wonderland, and people can be demotivated. I push them not to include the word “unfortunately” in their thoughts or emails, If I manage to do this, it counts as the first step towards success.

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