Right from the start

Tiziana Moretti

Tiziana Moretti

From my childhood, I would watch my father grappling with sketches, photographs, colours and a group of friends, I thought it was a game, but they were clients and he worked in advertising.

The desire to create, and continually learn, and be amazed while looking for the perfect result, the “merging” of image, message, emotion and meaning.

What I do as my work and passion is illustrating stories, capturing images and creating projects. The diary of my daughter, the plants at home, labels, pictures, chandeliers, everything needs creativity, invention.

I began as a graphic designer at 19, with Pic Cortesi, it was supposed to be “a summer of drawing lines”, as my ornamental design teacher said, and it became by job. I experienced the whole technological transition from Rapidograph to InDesign, and learnt to take advantage of all the opportunities and openings to the world provided by the web, without forgetting the pleasure and know-how of tactile feelings that only bookstores and stationery shops can give you.

In the morning when I arrive in the creative open space at Multiconsult, I feel as though I’m coming in to a house by the sea, like in the old days with their light, warmth and sunny aspect.

Intensity, and lightness, fluidity, and surrounded by the solidity of marketing, strategy, research, “athletic preparation”: you cross the hall, and hear a different language spoken in each room, you hear events being organised and planes being booked, there are comings and goings, even the rooms are not always occupied by the same people.

Communication become spontaneous, the tools are there as are the ingredients, recipes with a very personal touch, and then the opinions, tastings by your fellow diners-colleagues before the client is served a unique dish.

In creating, I find the ongoing play in trying to find the right balance uplifting, you suddenly lose it and then regain it, and then as if by magic, I “see” the project, and fine tune the details. The eye regulates harmony, the heart whispers temptations and mischief.

A colleague of mine told me: at the end of the day, you are insane.

Not “at the end”. I have been insane right from the start.

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