Order and passion

Cristina Bettoni

Cristina Bettoni

I’m the youngest of four children (three sisters and a boy – the firstborn).

I had a very conventional education: primary and middle school, followed by a technical institute specializing in business. After getting my diploma, I joined a small, family-run firm providing services to the public sector. Starting out as receptionist, over time I gained experience in every single aspect of running the office, including negotiations and tenders, until, finally, I became head of administration. For eight years, I managed the company’s finances completely on my own and then decided to move on and look for a more stimulating environment that would allow me to grow.

Through Unimpiego Confindustria (a recruitment consultancy), I got an interview with Multi, which went well, and today I work for the company’s administration department. Multi has a lot of people working on a wide range of consulting activities, from marketing through to communication. There’s a real family atmosphere, the offices are light and airy and we have lunch all together, sat at a big table in a proper kitchen.

At work, I’m a stickler for detail. I need to have everything in order, organized and under control.

Outside of the office, I let my creative side and my passions – travel and photography – run wild. I like taking photos of people and landscapes, especially when I’m on my travels – which have taken me to Europe, the US, North Africa and South America (mostly holidays, but also some voluntary experiences). I try to capture it all: the faces, streets, food, the towns and cities, nature, but I have a particular thing for taking pictures of remote, isolated, forgotten spots – which I try to do unobtrusively, respectfully and discreetly.

I’m a quiet, easy-going person, I think. To start with, I can seem reserved. But then if you work in administration, being reserved is a must. Once I get into something, though, nothing can hold me back.

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