My name is Consuelo but I am not a consultant

Consuelo Rocchi

Consuelo Rocchi

My great-grandmother was Spanish, that is why my name is Consuelo. I work in communication as a graphic designer. After completing Art High School (“a madhouse” according to my father the engineer) I studied Communication Design at the Polytechnic University, and then gained some very useful experience at major firms in Milan.

One day, while I was looking for ideas on “creative work” I came across an ad from Multiconsult. Here we work a lot as a team, we talk, we discuss things, we eat together, it’s almost like being in a family, a young environment, with colleagues that become friends over time. There are also clients that you grow attached to. For them we have created and developed a coordinated and effective image over time, working in conjunction with artists from different fields; there are others that I found interesting because they touched on my passion for fashion. Meeting clients is always very useful, because ii makes your work easier, by getting to know what they think and what they want. I have learnt a lot in these five years from the people I worked with, even from those that made by angry because they were real nitpickers. Communication is everything if done properly, with emphasis. Having new ideas is not so simple. They come to me while playing tennis or at night. Inspiration is not bound by office hours. I would love to create WOW ideas, but then clients are used to seeing themselves in a certain way, and are scared of changing. An account manager mediates relations and uses common sense. But common sense and creativity are not always a good match.

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