Lions at nightfall

Leone Belotti

Leone Belotti

I am taking a risk. I know what you’re thinking, but I am taking this risk, because I want to tell you what being a lion at nightfall really means, when darkness sets in, at the time of uncertainty, of danger, when rabbits flee, and only those who have strength and courage come out of their lair to defend who is still in there.

This is my job, my personality. I get along with companies that are apparently meek, but hide a lion’s heart, and that are ready to roar, to attack their prey when in sight and defend their nest from the hidden dangers of the night.

Don’t call me for a job whatever, call me when you want to achieve a feat, an impossible mission, when you want to challenge Goliath, knock down the giants or conquer the market.

I’m a writer and what I have is the technology of words. I’ve worked for large companies and leading fashion and design brands. I’ve written novels and stories for important publishers, biographies and corporate histories and philosophies for major groups and leading businessmen.

I’m at the service of whoever wants me, of whoever is looking for an expert that can translate a desire, an impulse, a decision or a project into a message, a strategy or an effective communication system.

This presentation may seem arrogant to you, but what I’m actually doing is promising I’ll give you my devotion and humbleness, because creativity without passion is barren, as in every profession. Whether you’re searching for a word, a name, a slogan or you want to build a story, a concept or a reputation, your problem is mine, your need is my challenge. You’ll find me at Multi’s offices, but, as you might have understood, I work at night: and going back to the title, you’ll agree with me that it’s way better to avoid a morning appointment, especially if you’re a lion too.


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