Dialogue broadens your mind

Silvia Merelli

Silvia Merelli

I was born and brought up in a small village in the valley I’m very fond of and I’ve always had a strong passion for international trade. What I actually do is seek new customers on the German market for companies and trade fairs. I’ve always tried – with humility and ambition – to take a direction in life that appealed to me: I started University, then I applied for a bank job and went in for a test and interview. I got the job, at the branch close to my home. I graduated in Languages with a thesis on a lyric by J. Van Hoddis entitled “The end of the world”: “when the railway wagons tumble down from bridges”, that’s when you realise how strongly you react. After graduating, I went on an internship in Brembo, working in the foreign sales office, then a two-year experience as training manager. But I felt it wasn’t the right job for me. So I decided to take my unused holidays and follow my true passion: I went to Berlin.

Travelling gives you time to think, we get so caught up in our own little world that we forget what’s around us. I rediscovered German in Berlin and came back with new enthusiasm, determined to find a new job. The keywords I typed in on Google were: abroad, Germany, marketing and innovation. The first result was Multiconsult. I sent my CV and was called in for an initial interview, then a second one and finally a third one with the owner who said: we’d be happy to have you with us. I was even happier.

A dynamic, creative and lively environment. Dialogue broadens your mind and opens new doors, it makes you see the world as a place where you can communicate, express your ideas and move people, goods, services, resources…in the end you realise that successful companies are made of normal people who do what they promise every day, and do it well.

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