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Luca Bonfanti

Luca Bonfanti

Designing is an art. What really strikes me about working in Design Management is meeting fascinating people who think collectively, representing a forma mentis that evolves towards sustainability. True design is not merely aesthetic, but rather a designing philosophy; any project must be an optimisation of form and function, which makes everyone’s life better. From this perspective, Ciclotte is a utopia, a concept, a live project, evolving continuously. It made an immediate impression, even when it was still only Ciclò, an urban unicycle, which is currently being exhibited at the Triennale in Milan. I remember the presentation; there were Philippe Daverio, Arturo Dell’Acqua, and a sense of shared enthusiasm. For us there was the opportunity of building an exemplary way forward alongside Lamiflex: working with brands like Tonino Lamborghini and Cavalli, the agreement with Harrods, the Ciclotte featuring in Hollywood movies, the success at luxury trade fairs, the requests from celebrities in the cinema or music business. Innovative ideas that begin in Italy are appreciated abroad, for the strong aesthetic component that makes them a unique and recognisable product. We Italians are gifted with great creative individualism and are at the forefront of expressing our originality. The difficulty is in working as a team. My work at Multiconsult tries to overcome the barriers created by individuals; essentially I deal with “wedding marketing”, creating synergies between designers/companies and the market.

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