Multiconsult began its collaboration with LuRI in 2013, in conjunction with the launch of the brand, with the objective of providing values​​, brand promise and support for the development of the in-store and online business model.

With LuRI, Multiconsult has managed to build a strong identity as a fashion brand for women, able to offer collections of fashion accessories (bracelets, belts, necklaces, handbags, scarves, etc.) completely designed and produced in Italy. This particular detail was rightly enlightened during the whole communication project. LuRI’s main inspiration is the fusion between fashion and functional design, which in practice is realized with the combination of raw materials, precious essences and innovative work techniques.inverno

The project has been extremely challenging in many aspects, especially because it has seen the involvement of different business units in Multiconsult.

The first important step of the partnership involved the establishment of the creative concept LIVE LOVE LuRI and its subsequent declination on all the communication tools, both online and offline.

The Communication Area of Multiconsult worked, throughout the course of 2013, on the design and realization of look book and catalogs, merchandising for the stores, photo sessions and commercial tools in foreign languages intended for commercial missions abroad. In particular, we focused on the production of brochures that can shed light on all the specialties of the brand: choice of materials, manufacturing and multi-functionality of the objects.

When it came to events, Multiconsult provided LuRI with all the necessary support in terms of management during important showcases like MIPEL and Women’s Fashion Week, 2013 edition: the same collaboration, however, will also be renewed for the current year.

leaflet luri_porcellanaThe Social and Web area of Multiconsult worked to build up the brand’s presence on the internet by developing LuRI’s identity on the main social networks, through the drafting of an editorial plan, an appropriate conversation calendar, and the selection of photographic material to satisfy the users online.

At 360 degrees, the LuRI project was an exciting opportunity to start “from scratch” in building a strong and well-defined brand identity (ie, the transition from ideality to identity) and in designing all the tools and values that are fundamental for a correct and multifaceted business.