The collaboration between Multiconsult and Histomer, one of Valetudo’s brands, begins in January 2013 with an operation of logo modernization.

The goal commissioned to the Communication Area of Multiconsult implies a simplification of Histomer logo and trademark by streamlining and eliminating the “color stain”, until that very moment characteristic of the instrument.

Multiconsult also provides Histomer a consultancy on the correct use of the logo, on the importance of consistency in terms of color and on the identification given by a chromatic choice.

Histomer homepage sitoAfter the modernization of the logo, Multiconsult works on the gradual but steady adjustment of the corporate image of the brand. The first step is the complete redesign of Histomer website. The importance of the instrument is evident, and therefore its proper structuring and usability becomes the fundamental objective to turn the online identity of the brand into a vehicle of information for beauty centers.

The renewal of the website is preceded by an accurate benchmark of all Histomer competitors, so as to set the right communication mood and user experience: the wide range of Histomer products is then effectively divided according to “beauty flaw” categories, in order to be easily traced by the users. Part of the restyling of the website is dedicated to the photo shooting of all Histomer products and to an activity of offline promotion through the creation of advertisements published on B2C specialized magazines.

It is worth noting that the renewal of Histomer website also represents a new approach to the communication between the brand and its main target (beauty centers): the internet becomes now an essential vehicle of information thanks to news, sliders, dedicated newsletters and banners.

The strength of the institutional image, now going through an advanced transformation, is further conveyed by the home page that shows an original illustration by the artist Daniel Egneuss. The image is delicate, but also rich in color and character, capable of transmitting freshness and movement just like the brand itself.

Then Histomer lands on social networks through the creation and management of profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. For the brand’s social media, Multiconsult studies the most appropriate editorial plan, a proper conversation calendar and an appropriate graphic and textual communication model that can effectively hit both business users and final customers. Kit Vitamin C

Offline, the renovation project continues with a review of the packaging of existing products and the creation from scratch of those related to new products. Multiconsult not only dresses up the product, but also designs and creates every communication tool to support its sale: from the agents brochure, an “how-to” manual for selling, to the sale disk for beauticians containing a dialectic track to follow for the proper proposal both of on-site beauty treatments and home care products. Multiconsult designs customized brochures and product canvasses, with a special attention to the dialectic tone and visual communication.

Finally, as for promotional campaigns, Multiconsult not only works on the design of proper communication tools (agents brochures, counter signs, posters for beauty salons, postcards, loyalty cards, discount coupons and web promotion), but also provides its advice regarding the correct methods of promotion of the campaigns themselves. The agency then accompanies Histomer, step by step, through an efficient and effective use of the full range of online and offline tools now available.

The Histomer project by Multiconsult is a 360-degree journey into the modernization of an already well-defined corporate image and of its transition and adaptation to modern communication tools and innovative channels, such as the internet.