The Ciclotte project starts in the spring of 2007, when we noticed Ciclò on a magazine cover: it was a fantastic prototype of a portable unicycle designed by Luca Schieppati, who was looking for a manufacturer able to turn his project into a contemporary design object.

The link with one of our clients’ company was the the right intuition: Giovanna Ricuperati (CEO of Multiconsult) immediately set a meeting between Lamiflex SpA, company specialized in the machining of composite materials, and the designer Luca Schieppati. That meeting gave birth to Ciclotte, the first design exercise bike in the world. The coordination of a one year and a half of industrial and engineering development led to the birth of the final product.



The basic strategy for promoting Ciclotte was split into two decisive steps: making the product as unique as possible and showing it only in exclusive settings, frequented by a wealthy target.
This approach led to the creation of a network of seven press agencies located in seven major cities around the world. They all promoted the product on exclusive social media such as ASM and QUBE and realized all the necessary PM material, presenting Ciclotte as an exclusive design product.




On March 30th, 2010 Ciclotte was finally ready for its official presentation.

The location chosen for the launch was “La Triennale”, the museum of Italian Design, where the inspirational object (called Ciclò) and the chosen godfathers were Arturo dell’Acqua Bellativitis (presidents of the Museum of Design and Dean of the Architecture and Design University in Milan) and the art critic Philippe Daverio.

Ciclotte was ready to be distributed internationally.
The collaboration with Daniel Egneus, well-recognized illustrator and international artist, led to the definition of the creative concept at the basis of the communication: combining art and hi-tech, the two worlds that associated with the product, by delineating with unmistakable style the eight cities where Ciclotte would be launched on the occasion of the eight main design trade fairs worldwide.

The stand was therefore designed: it was characterized by a circular shape (Ciclotte’s distinguishing feature) and by huge versions of the distinctive illustrations by Daniel Egneus, all representing lifestyle scenes.


Together with the most important design, furniture and fitness exhibitions, Ciclotte was also presented during a series of well-selected and exclusive international events. Among these, the Circuito Arte & Golf, the Polo World Cup on Snow in Saint Moritz, the Barbican Bicycle Festival, the Wired Temporary Christmas Store and the Vogue Fashion Night Out surely deserve to be mentioned.



Simultaneously with the launch of the product, Ciclotte was set to participate to several major international design competitions. During its first 18 months of “life”, Ciclotte won 7 awards and nominations, including the FIBO award as “best fitness product of the year” in the Design category and the “Materialica Design & Technology Award”, a special mention as best “Life Enhancer” from the province of Milan during the Well-Tech event, and the nomination of Wallpaper, which selected Ciclotte as one of the best products to enhance the quality of life, together with the iPad and the “AquaRiva” Riva motorboat.



After the launch of the classic version in stainless steel and carbon fiber, the work on a new version and a line of accessories began, in order to make Ciclotte suitable for any environment and training or customization request.

The 2011 version is called “Marine”, especially suitable for yachts, boats and coastal areas, able to withstand the marine environment and its humid climate. The second version, designed in order to reduce the price to the public and broaden the color palette, has a steel frame. Eventually, the kit of accessories for iPad and iPhone was born, creating an integration between Ciclotte and Apple devices while monitoring your current speed, distance traveled and on-road route simulation.



Starting from the second year of activities, ad hoc collaborations were activated to ensure Ciclotte a good visibility inside famous Hollywood productions, thanks to its appealing and futuristic appearance suitable for “future-looking” homes.

The first movie were Ciclotte was shown was Prometheus, followed by the commercial created by Nike for Air Jordan in occasion of the London Olympic Games. Another presence in movies is planned for the next months.



Since the beginning of 2010, one the most important roles in Ciclotte’s positioning was played by the choice of the partners that became official distributors of the product.

In addition to the international retailers selected to import and promote the product on a national level, one of the marketing strategy’s main focuses involved the choice of key locations where Ciclotte could be promoted: Harrods and the Chelsea FC Club in London, L’Eclaireur and the historic Les Galleries Lafayette in Paris, the Wired Temporary Store and the Poltrona Frau boutique in New City are among them.



Finally, with the intention of consolidating permanently the product’s positioning on the highest scale and reaching the marketing target identified since the beginning of the project, we started to cooperate with several worldwide famous brands in the fashion, design and luxury industry.

The first collaboration was with DSquaresd2, which wanted Ciclotte in the setting of the runaway for its Spring/Summer 2010 Men’s collection, followed by five famous special versions dedicated to Roberto Cavalli in 2011 and the Tonino Lamborghini limited edition, characterized by the creative spirit and the passion for design and technology that has always marked the famous brand from Bologna.