Ad maiora

Annalisa Surini

Annalisa Surini

I was working for the tourist office in my valley, and happened to be in Berlin, to represent and promote our area at the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) when I realised with some nostalgia that I had not spoken German for two years.

Shortly thereafter, I read by chance of a business looking for “someone for Germany” that they couldn’t find. I sent in my CV and that is how I met Giovanna and Multiconsult. Two interviews, and a decision that was not that easy to make.

I think back to my experience with “Germany”.

The Erasmus project, three months at Saarbrucken on the French border, working in an office promoting sustainable tourism: projects, certifications. conferences and trade fairs.  Earlier at the age of 18, the European Leonardo da Vinci project, a month in Frankfurt in a student services centre, with an incredibly chaotic printing-copying office. There was no need to tell me what to do, it was instinctive for me to reorganise everything.

In the end I followed my personal motto, “ad maiora”, which was the greeting used by my Professor of European Union Law.

Doing something grander, focusing on better results, has always been my imperative. This marked my time at school, each of my previous work experiences, and still is my “guiding phrase” today at Multiconsult, where I work on production chain projects, industry trade fairs or initiatives for the internationalisation of our client companies.

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