A colour per day…

Tiziana Moretti

Marie Olyve

Tiziana Moretti

Colours have a strong impact on people: they catch the attention, the communicate information, they have an emotional weight. Theories say that they really influence the consumer psychology. Colours are so important that they are subject to specific and very serious studies, they get analysed, and they become a fundamental part of the “trend book”, an must-have for who deals with innovation as being able to identify in advance a signal that will prove to have success is one of the first steps in the complex work of brand communication”.

The choice of the “Pantone Colour of the Year”, i.e. the colour that best describes the state of mind of the actual society, is significant and is being chosen after a careful analysis held by the team of Pantone Inc., the American firm that deals with colours’ cataloguing since the 50s inspiring designers, brands, architects, stylists and, obviously, advertisers.

This year again, as each year, Riccardo Chini – passionate sailor and chairman of Calvi Group – proposed, as a company present, a customized calendar linked with the world of sailing.

Taking together the passion for sailing of our customer and the passion for colours and design, here in MULTI, we created the 2017 calendar.

We selected – among the numerous shots of  Zerogradinord and Fabio Taccola, 12 pictures of the 2016 regatta season class J/70 in which the team Calvi Network successfully competes.

Each month is linked with a special picture. The team, the competition tactic, the places where the regatta take place are the main characters of those images and bring with them the dynamism and the colours of an experience we interpreted through a series of colours snapshots; 12 “colour palettes” that are a concentrate of emotions we put on the bottom of each month, starting from the movement of the picture, going through the colours of the sky and seas, with the aim to generate an emotional reaction.

The result is a mix of action and relax, with a short message: 365 colours for 365 days, to say that each day has its own shade, its own temperature, its unicity

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